Episode 1120

Orbitz Drinks

Ballsy Beverage

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1120 Orbitz Drink

Orbitz Drink


In April 1997, Clearly Canadian launched the Orbitz non-carbonated drink, a beverage with “gel spheres”, balls that remained suspended in the drink.  Flavours included raspberry citrus, blueberry melon strawberry, pineapple banana coconut, and vanilla orange.  What an extraordinary idea!  It reminds Leo of bubble tea in Canada, a drink with tapioca balls (originating from Asia).

Australian Verse

Today’s Warehouse intro verses were penned by Danny Whitmer from Sydney, Australia.

The Voices of Paul Frees

Leo loves the “no windows and no doors” voice at the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland – Paul Frees, who also did the Pillsbury Dough Boy.  Leo thinks Paul Frees also did Tony the Tiger, although Dick says it’s Bob Jones.  Probably both are wrong, as it was Dallas McKennon and Thurl Ravenscroft, a subject previously discussed on DGW.  See Episode 271.

The Voices of Paul Frees

The Voice of Eddie Lawrence

Bob Kuehn has a friend who is going through some tough times, and wants to find an audio sample of an old time radio guy whom Dick and Leo talked about, which might just cheer his friend up.  Leo knows exactly who – Eddie Lawrence, the Old Philosopher.

The Old Philosopher


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