Episode 391

The Bedfan

Between-The-Sheets Personal Cooling System

Link: Bedfan

391 Bedfan



The Bedfan is a device that is set up at the end of the bed, with the “breeze bar” sticking about 1/2″ above the mattress, from which cool air will flow between the sheets from your feet up the sides of your body.  The fan speed is controllable from a switch which sits next to your pillow.  It will not affect your partner.  Good quality bed sheets are recommended to keep the air flow up to your shoulders.


How It Works

How It Works: from tealco.net


Corbert Honninger works at the Space Shuttle Data Processing System Flight Control.  He loves the DGW which helps him prove to his wife (who by the way is at the age of 29.95 plus tax), that he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to new productss.  Dick offers to show him around the Mad offices in New York, while in return Dick is offered the Space Shuttle simulator in Houston.

A New Slogan

“The worse your life is, the better we sound.”


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