Episode 958


Mobile Device for Twitter

Link: TwitterPeek

TwitterPeek, simply Twitter

TwitterPeek, simply Twitter


From the makers of the Peek (Episode 679) comes the TwitterPeek.  Whereas the Peek is a mobile device devoted to emails, the TwitterPeek, still roughly based on the Blackberry design, is devoted to tweeting – tweet till you drop.  You can only have one registered Twitter account at any one time, although you can change it.  You can also see twitpics on the TwitterPeek.  If you want to be able to check emails and send texts, you can check out the Peek Pronto.

GizWizBiz Cap at Halloween

In Episode 950, Leo talked about wearing his GizWizBiz Cap with a Freddy Krueger mask for Halloween.  Steve Miller wants Leo to know that he wouldn’t have been the first.  Steve did that already, at Halloween last year, with his GizWizBiz Cap over a Friday 13th Jason hockey mask.  This is what Steve might have looked like:

Friday 13th Hockey Mask with GizWizBiz Cap

Friday 13th Hockey Mask with GizWizBiz Cap

Universal Signal for Choking

Leo demonstrates the universal sign for choking, and one for getting fed up with listening to the Daily Giz Wiz – which resembles Edvard Munch‘s “The Scream”.

The Scream: Howard Dean

MAD did a painting of Howard Dean in the style of “The Scream”, which appeared in Issue 449 for January 2005.  Here’s a photograph of the painting, taken by gruntzooki (better known as Cory Doctorow) on Flickr, reproduced under a Creative Commons licence.

MAD Magazine - The Scream - Howard Dean

MAD Magazine - The Scream - Howard Dean


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